Jam Jar Label.
This project was quite fun. I set out to create a memorable jam label which really stood out on the store-shelf. As you can tell, the target market is...kids. Really it's mothers who want to buy healthy food that their kids would enjoy.
The design required fun icons and a fun name for added novelty. Moonjelly and Boooberry felt fun to say and allowed the color elements to contrast very well.
Playing Cards
The design is influenced by stained glass windows. The queen card is based on the biblical character 'Judith'
Branding, Logo, Business Card
The design process of this logo took a few steps and sketches to make sure it’s legible when
minimized while being powerful and dynamic in large print.
The mood board included action
photos of girls playing hockey, basketball, netball and skating- as well as logos of punk rock bands.
A process of combining symbols from Punk rock bands, women's rights logos and championship
iconography helped to funnel the most important elements to use for this final design.
The bold typeface stands in perspective while being bound inside a form that comes from a
popular motif- the championship podium. This design idea communicates that girls and
women should take up space on the podium. take part. participate and be competitive.

The female symbol directly alerts you to the female target market, which is why the name
changed to GO SCORE . This works as a communications base for the marketing strategy
and brand identity by encouraging the target market to respond to this call to action.
The logo is inspired by the sports podium being occupied by girls filling the 1st, 2nd and 3rd
place. The concept is to communicate to girls that they have a place to be competitive and
learn how to play games and sports together.
The perspective of the logo introduces action and dynamism.

Many of us are directly affected, sometimes we have family members and friends who are dealing with some sort of substance abuse. I put this editorial together for RECOVR magazine (which i made up) because it would be valuable for our readers in this time. Our lives are stressful and many of use need to get a pick-me-up. This might
be coffee, or cigarettes, or another form of stimulant.

Our stress has now been heightened because of the fear of the corona-virus which will test all of us, so we
need to focus on making sure we don’t fall into bad habits.
This editorial includes articles about alcoholism in South Africa during the Covid-19 global pandemic.
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